Donald A. Misch, M.D., PLLC

Initial Evaluations:

  • 75-90 minute initial psychiatric/medication management evaluation:  $450

Subsequent Sessions:

  • Medication management 30 minute session:  $150
  • Psychotherapy 45 minute session:  $175
  • Psychotherapy 60 minute session:  $200

Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Medication Preauthorization:  $25-$50
    • Health insurance company demands that medication prescriptions be preauthorized have become more and more frequent and onerous, and they involve substantial time on my part to locate, complete, and deliver the appropriate forms.  Thus, it is with great sadness that I have had to institute a medication preauthorization fee.
  • Completing forms, telephone calls, written correspondence, and other psychiatric-related activity requiring more than 10 minutes of time will be charged at $50 per ten minute interval.

Fee Changes:

  • If my fees increase, I will give you a 1-month notice to alert you to the change.